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Peter Frampton says he was "making a statement" when he took a fan's cellphone during a recent concert and hurled it toward the back of the stage. 

The rocker tells USA Today concerts are about the live experience, not seeing a performer on a device "as if you're in your armchair watching a video."  He adds that cellphone camera use is "very distracting" to the performer as well as concertgoers seated behind the photographers. 

And while Frampton thought he was "going to be castigated" for the incident, and says he was "overwhelmed by the positive response" - particularly from other artists.  He also admits he "shouldn't have done it."  But the singer explains that he was trying to make a point, and the big, dramatic gesture is "rock and roll."  He adds that the phone wasn't damaged, and was returned to the man - concert photos deleted - after the show. 

The Indiana incident has also prompted Frampton to revise his "no photography" policy.  He says he's now allowing audience members to take pictures during the first three songs.  Peter adds that when he asks people to put the cameras down, he gets "applause every time." 

Frampton is starting the "Guitar Circus" portion of his tour with a show in Jacksonville, Oregon Thursday with Buddy Guy and Robert Randolph.

Photo: Getty Images