Hey, Las Vegas: Which Team Will Win the NCAA Title Game?

It's Michigan up against Villanova for the 2017-2018 NCAA Tournament National Championship Game on Monday in San Antonio. 

So, which team does Las Vegas think will take it all? 

Las Vegas gives the win to the Wildcats, predicting Villanova will be a 6.5-point favorite in the game. That gives Villanova the biggest point spread in a national title game since 2010, according to ESPN.

Still, both teams are solid, and Villanova can't get overly confident. 

The Michigan Wolverines beat Loyola Chicago in a close semifinal game Saturday night, closing things out to win 69-57. 

In the other Final Four match, Villanova took the victory over Kansas with a dominating win of 95-79.

But enough with the odds. Which team do you think will win on Monday?