Eddie Van Halen Didn't Almost Join KISS, Says Paul Stanley

Remember that story about Eddie Van Halen almost joining KISS? It's been out there for years, and now, KISS' Paul Stanley has put an end to those rumors. 

In a fan question-and-answer session on the Kiss Kruise, Stanley said it simply wasn't true. 

“No. Eddie Van Halen did not almost join Kiss,” he said. “I think there was some strife within [Van Halen] at that point, for him, and Eddie came down [to our studio] just to see what was going on. And I remember he was really blown away by the solo in 'Creatures [Of the Night]'. He said, 'Get that guy.' That guy who played the solo in 'Creatures' was a guy named Steve Farris, who was in a band called Mister Mister, who had a bunch of hits. But the guitar player was great.”


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