Steven Adler Talks Guns N' Roses Reunion

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler has been part of a handful of shows on the band’s Not In This Lifetime tour, but not the full trek. In a recent Reddit AMA, Adler discussed GN’R’s reunion and whether he has interest in doing any more reunion shows with the guys. Let’s just say, he’s interested if it’s the classic “Appetite for Destruction” lineup. Who doesn't love that lineup? ❤️

When asked by a fan about upcoming GN’R dates, Adler responded, “I had a great time last year doing the couple shows that I got to do with them … If it was going be just the five original guys with (Izzy) and Axl, Slash, and Duff and myself, then yes I will, but otherwise, it’s not the magic and it’s not fair to the fans. Me and (Izzy) actually really do wanna be a part of it.”

Read the full Reddit discussion here. XO

Anne Erickson

Anne Erickson

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