Dave Grohl Recalls Kurt Cobain's Funny 'Vocal Training' Experience

Dave Grohl has recalled a funny story about Kurt Cobain's experience going to a vocal coach.

It happened around the time Nirvana was recording "Nevermind," and Grohl tells the BBC, "...he comes back from this vocal coach and we said, 'How'd it go?' He said, 'Check this out.' And he put this cassette in the cassette player of the warm-ups that this guy wanted him to do."

What played was Cobain singing some "Do-Re-Mi" notes, and it was pretty histarical. Grohl remembers everyone laughing a bunch and then throwing away the cassette. 

"I'm pretty sure that he never had any formal training in singing," Grohl said. "But I don't think he needed it, he just had it." XO

Anne Erickson

Anne Erickson

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