Bellski's Oscar Picks!

UPDATE! I correctly picked 13 out of the 24 categories up for awards last night. See below for how your Uncle Bellski did! 

My Oscar picks. These are bound to piss off some of my movie industry friends...

Denise and I somehow managed to see most of the nominees this year. We went to a lot of movies. 

Here's who I think takes home the little golden naked man on Sunday Night...

Best Picture: La La Land. Sure, there were other movies that had important messages and shit, but I remember that there was a time that you went to the movies to get away from "important" sh*t. For two hours this movie made me forget all the BS going on in the world. I went into it expecting to just sort of like it, and I was surprised at the amount of joy I felt while watching it. I spend enough time immersed in the real world. This movie entertained me. Greatly. I loved the call backs to earlier musicals. I was invested in the characters. I don't miss the 9 bucks I spent to see this.

Oscar went to: Moonlight

Best performance by an actor in a leading role: Casey Affleck. Yeah, he has a lot of real life baggage attached to his real life. But his performance in Manchester By The Sea is real AF. Yeah, Denzel is good in Fences, but every movie that Denzel is in, I just see Denzel and not the character he's playing. 

Oscar went to: Casey Affleck

Best performance by an actress in a leading role: I really don't like that the best performance Oscar is broken down by gender. I get that it guarantees that performances by female actors are not overlooked, but if you want to break down the gender bias in Hollywood, I think consolidating the award to Best Performance. Period. Goes a long way to making that happen. That said, I pick Emma Stone in La La Land. The movie works or doesn't work on the likability of her character. I rooted for her in the movie. I root for her here.

Oscar went to: Emma Stone

Supporting actor: Lucas Hedges in Manchester By The Sea. Again, real AF.

Oscar went to: Mahershala Ali

Supporting actress: There's that gender bias thing again. There should be two acting Oscars - Best performance in a lead role, best in a supporting role. No more male/female ish. It would also shorten the Oscar telecast by a few precious minutes. However, as we're living in the current world, my pick for this Oscar goes to Viola Davis for Fences.

Oscar went to: Viola Davis

Best Director: Damien Chazelle for La La Land.

Oscar went to: Damien Chazelle

Best Foreign Language Film: I didn't see any of them, but if I had to guess based on what I've heard, I'd say The Salesman. 

Oscar went to: The Salesman

Makeup & Hair: A Man Called Ove.

Oscar went to: Suicide Squad

Cinematography: Arrival was amazing, but I think La La Land will win. 

Oscar went to: La La Land

Film Editing: The editing in Hell Or High Water drove the movie. But I think La La Land takes this one too.

Oscar Went to: Hacksaw Ridge

Short Film Live Action: Didn't see any of them. I guessed Sing based on the kind of film the Academy usually likes.

Oscar went to: Sing

Sound Mixing: La La Land

Oscar went to: Hacksaw Ridge

Visual Effects: The Jungle Book was amazing, but I'm a Star Wars fanatic, so Rogue One: A Star Wars Story gets my vote. 

Oscar went to: The Jungle Book

Original Score: La La Land.

Oscar went to: La La Land

Original Song: City Of Stars from La La Land.

Oscar went to: City Of Stars 

Sound Editing: I'm torn on this one. Hacksaw Ridge sound editing was amazing. But I think this is another statue for La La Land

Oscar went to: Arrival

Original Screenplay: Manchester By The Sea

Oscar went to: Manchester By The Sea

Adapted Screenplay: Fences will probably win this, but my vote is for Arrival.

Oscar went to: Moonlight

Costume Design: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Oscar went to: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Documentary Feature: O.J. Made In America. The slow speed chase continues. 

Oscar went to: O.J. Made In America

Documentary Short; Didn't see any of them. 

Oscar went to: The White Helmets

Production Design: Hail Caesar!

Oscar went to: La La Land

Animated Feature: Kubo & The Two Strings should win, Zootopia probably will win. 

Oscar went to: Zootopia

Animated Short: Didn't see any of the nominated shorts. But Piper looks like a winner. UPDATE! I actually did see Borrowed Time. I just forgot. 

Oscar went to: Piper

Number Of Tuxedo Changes By Jimmy Kimmel: Two

Actual number of tuxedo changes by Jimmy Kimmel: One

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