Here's What The Rock World Had To Say About The Manchester Attack.

Quite a few legendary acts took to social media to denounce the terror attack in Manchester, England Monday night that killed 22 concert goers in the lobby of the Manchester Arena following a performance by Ariana Grande. Among them are:

Brian May: "Sending love to Manchester. To all our friends there and all who are grieving for their families. Shocked and sad."

Brian Wilson: "Scary to hear what happened in Manchester. Love and Mercy to the victims. These terrible acts have to end."

Bryan Adams‏: "Heartfelt thoughts to all the families and victims at the Ariana Grande concert."

Dave Davies‏: "We shouldn't allow this tragedy to stop any artist from performing. Deepest sympathies to the families and those affected by this horror."

The Doobie Brothers: "Our hearts go out to England... Sending love to all those affected by this tragedy."

Gene Simmons: "Thoughts and prayers go out to Manchester. We stand with you, united."

Joe Perry: "I feel terrible about the news today. We knew this was going to eventually happen at a concert one day. My first reaction is we shouldn't give concerts because it is putting all the fans in danger, but that's what they want. If there's one thing I learned touring all these years, is that you carry on. That is the way you fight back. Today I feel sorrow and sadness, but tonight we will put on a great show in honor of those killed and injured. We will take every precaution to keep our fans safe, to celebrate our freedom and to strike back in the face of this terror."

Paul McCartney: "Like everyone else, my family and I were shocked to hear about the terrible news from Manchester. All that’s left to do is send heartfelt sympathy to the families of the victims and Ariana Grande. Praying that something like this never happens again. Love to everyone."

Paul Stanley: "My heart breaks for 22 young killed and 59 maimed. My heart breaks for parents. I am heartbroken and speechless. I pray for you... Manchester I am praying for you. God bless you and take care of each other now. Wonderful, wonderful people. My heart goes out to you all."

Peter Frampton‏: "Explosion in Manchester is a cowardly nihilistic act. It again highlights man's inhumanity to man. Sending thoughts to families of the lost and injured."

Neal Schon: "What a tragedy. I feel terrible for all those kids and concert goers. Rest in Peace to those who have died."

Alice Cooper: "My heart goes out to the people of Manchester and all of the UK. Manchester is one of the heart and soul cities of the UK, and having been there many, many times over the past 40-plus years, I've gotten to know the city and the people there pretty well. I cannot pretend to know or even imagine the pain of the parents, brothers, sisters and other family members and friends of the innocent victims of this, these mostly young music fans having just enjoyed the concert. But I know that the people there will stand together and stay strong."

Stevie Van Zandt‏: "One year ago today Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were in Manchester for our show two days later. Our deepest love and sympathy to the victims and families. All of America's love and sympathy to Ariana Grande and the beautiful people of Manchester. We'll be with you soon."

The Rolling Stones: "[We] are deeply shocked to hear of the appalling events in Manchester and send condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy."

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