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Here’s a helpful hint: Don’t hug a chicken. 

That’s right – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that hugging, kissing or any kind of handling of chickens and other birds could lead to salmonella infections. The CDC has linked recent multi-state outbreaks of salmonella to people cuddling live poultry, such as chicks and ducklings, that live in backyards. Of 228 people infected with salmonella, 190 said they had handled live poultry about a week before they experienced symptoms.

Feeling overwhelmed? Turn off your phone.

Yes, we know … how could you possibly turn off your phone?! But the reason is pretty simple: If you already have a lot on your plate for the day, taking away the distraction of your phone will help you focus and get through that pile of stuff you need to get done.

Want to make your weekend feel longer? 

Do something different. Most of us fall into the same weekend routine … watch TV, do laundry, go grocery shopping, some exercise, a birthday dinner or brunch, maybe. David Eagleman, author of The Brain: The Story of You, says it’s exactly this same old routine that makes the weekend seems to fly by faster. Instead you should fill your weekends with new things, from new activities to new restaurants. It will make those two days seem a lot longer … and more fulfilling. Such as buying a ticket to Stogiefest! Tomorrow evening at Salty's Event Center on Shirra Court directly behind Salty's on White Lane. Get your tickets at Cigars & More, 4208 Rosedale Highway next to Hooters. 

Have a great weekend everybody! And don't hug a chicken. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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