At Least We're Not In Phoenix!

We're looking at triple digit heat all week. We're Bakersfieldians, we can handle it. 112 today and tomorrow? Sure, why not? But how about 120? 

Temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona could top 120 degrees this week and break all-time records. The extreme heatwave has prompted American Airlines to warn passengers who are booked on flights scheduled to depart between 3 and 6 p.m. about the possibility of their flights being delayed because planes are not allowed to take off when the temperature hits 120.


Hot air is less dense. This affects the output of the engines as well as aerodynamic capabilities, increasing the required runway distance and reducing climb performance. Therefore the amount of passengers and cargo a plane can carry are often restricted when temps are very high.

The airline announced that it will waive the $200 flight change fee for passengers wishing to take an earlier or later flight. Flights scheduled to arrive in Phoenix during the hottest hours of the day may also have to be diverted to another city.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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