Bike Night Is On!

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I got a phone call earlier today. 

"Is Bike Night still on?" 

Is Bike Night still on?! You bet yer everlovin' patootie that Bike Night is still happenin' tonight on the party patio at Chuy's on Rosedale Highway! 

We'll be there from 6:30 to 9:00pm with a bunch of great prizes. The only difference, and the only concession we're making for the warmer temps is we'll be playin' Plinko tonight instead of Cornhole. 

But Chuy's will have their misters goin' and we'll be havin' a great time. 

And if you decide to leave your bike at home and come by in your car with it's fancy schmancy air conditioning, that's alright too. 

Hot Biker Girls Photos

See ya there! 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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