News A Palooza 7/20/17

Apparently going see Metallica can cause temporary memory loss -- especially when it comes to where you parked a car.

Teenager Gavin Strickland drove from Syracuse, New York to Toronto to see the band last Sunday. He parked in a garage in the city, but then forgot where after the show. Strickland's parents took to Craigslist on Tuesday to appeal for help in finding the 2015 Nissan Versa. The posting said, “Our doofy son parked the car in an indoor parking garage, in the first floor (slightly lower/basement level) but that garage cannot now be located."

The other clues in the posting, which quickly went viral in Canada, said it was parked within an $8 cab ride of Rogers Center, was near a Starbucks and some construction and a "strange spiral outdoor sculpture."

Thankfully the story had a happy ending, as Strickland tweeted late Wednesday night that “My car was found! And the story is so crazy it's on the news all over Canada. I've become famous over a lost car."

Lars Ulrich knows who he’d like to see behind the drum kit in Metallica if he were to miss a show -- ex-AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd.

Ulrich was asked by Forbes which drummer he would hypothetically want to play in the band while he watched from the sidelines. Ulrich replied, "That would probably have to be Phil Rudd from AC/DC. If I could hear Phil Rudd play 'Enter Sandman' or something like that in his pocket, his groove, that would be awesome."

Each month, Ian Hunter responds to fans' questions and comments in a section of his website he calls "The Horse's Mouth."

This month he was asked about three of his peers -- Bob Dylan, The Who and Steve Winwood.

The Bob Dylan song he wishes he wrote: "Jokerman" off of 1983's Infidels.

The Who: "On a good day -- unbeatable."

Steve Winwood: "Steve’s a phenomenon. Great singer, great musician -- he’s kinda like a college professor to talk to. Different neck of the woods, but I appreciate his amazing talents."

Ian just wrapped up a run through Europe and he'll be back out in September with dates on the West Coast, followed by Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain in October.

A number of artists have commented on the news that Senator John McCain has brain cancer:

Paul Stanley: “Prayers and wishes to Senator John McCain for a full recovery. A true American hero. A man not afraid to take a stand.”

Peter Frampton: “I am so sorry to hear this. He is a hero and always a fighter for what he believes is right.”

Stevie Van Zandt‏: “All thoughts and prayers for John McCain and his family. A true American hero.”

Ringo Starr is at his Colorado home this week. He tweeted out a photo of him hiking.

The Emerson, Lake & Palmer catalog reissue campaign continues with a massive box set. Fanfare: Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1970-1997 contains 11 remastered albums, five CDs of previously unissued recordings, a triple-vinyl set Live in Italy, May 1973 and much more. It will be out on September 29th.

James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica visited Queen backstage Tuesday night in Toronto. Hetfield got to play May’s unique Red Special guitar.

Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench has commented on tweets from his fans calling President Trump a dictator. He says, “He isn't yet a dictator, but he's trying very hard to undermine the country's faith in the validity of its democratic institutions.”

"Weird" Al Yankovic tweeted a photo after learning that his alma mater, Cal Poly, "actually put a commemorative plaque next to the restroom" where he recorded his hit parody "My Bologna" in 1979.

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