Give, You Big Giver You!

Normally I'd be posting the latest music and show biz news. Or I'd be posting a video of somebody dressing their cats up like Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas and making them "debate." 

But today's post is about the tens of thousands of people in Eastern Texas that need your help. Some of them you might even know; Bakersfield and Houston have quite the bond. 

I'm talkin' about the people displaced by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding that has turned vast sections of Houston into a horrorshow version of Venice, Italy. 

All day today, in our parking lot here at 1100 Mohawk, we're teaming up with the Red Cross to collect donations for Hurricane Harvey relief. Please stop by anf give. All major credit cards accepted, and cash donations are welcome. 

Give what you can. Every little bit helps. 

And thank you. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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