One Reason Why I'm A Seahawks Fan

I've been a Seattle Seahawks fan for over 30 years. This is one of the reasons why...

From the Facebook page of Megan Carter...

"Megan Elizabeth Carter October 9 at 9:07pm ยท Tacoma, WA Please keep an eye out for this Sherman doll, 12s! My daughter was at Mary Bridge today for a procedure and her "Shermie" was by her side like he always is! Somewhere between the procedure and the recovery room, her doll was lost. She is absolutely devastated and has been crying on and off all night. She didn't want to leave the hospital because she was worried about leaving him behind. Security at the hospital has searched repeatedly and so far, he has not been found. The doll was VERY well loved but it did have an autograph on the back so we are worried that someone may have found and kept it for that reason. The thing is, the autograph is not even Richard's, it's Frank Clark's! We had a back up doll at home but there's no fooling her at this point, unfortunately. I've seen 12s do some amazing things so I'm just asking if anyone sees someone asking about the autograph or attempting to sell it, PLEASE contact me. Ellie has been through so much in her 4.5 years and her Shermie is the one thing that helps her get through it all. He's been through more surgeries and hospitalizations with her than I can count. Everyone at the hospital knows that when they see Ellie, Sherman is with her."

Shermie is a lot bigger and in 3-D but we found him. #gohawks #wearblue#seahawks

So look who showed up...

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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