I'm not a big fan of Mondays. Except for the part of Monday that happens between 3pm and 7pm when I'm on the radio. But the rest of Monday, not so much. 

Monday means I've got to put the trashcans out and open up the backyard gate so that the guy that does our yard work can get in. 

I don't do yard work. I've always hated yard work. For one thing I have allergies. So once we reached a point where we could pay somebody else to do our yard work, we did. 

And it's great. It made Mondays a little less Monday-ish. 

I want to like Mondays, I really do. But Mondays really do kind of bum me out. Except for the part between 3pm and 7pm when I'm doing my radio show. 

But man, the rest of Monday is pretty mind numbing at times. 

Except for lunch. Lunch is pretty rad. 

But man, the rest of Monday can just kiss my big ol' patootie! 

Except for the driving to work part. That can be pretty cool. Especially if the traffic lights are in synch. And catching up with my co-workers about their weekend. That's nice. And getting ready to do my radio show. I like that part of Monday. 

And then going home and having dinner with my wife and watching a little tube. Maybe have a cigar and a little snort of bourbon before going to bed. That's kind of awesome. 

But those last 10 minutes or so before I fall off to sleep. I hate those 10 minutes of Monday because that's the time I realize my Monday is over and it'll soon be Tuesday. 

Don't get me started on Tuesday. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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