Me And The Bee

I decided to eat my lunch outside today. There's a LOT of places in the USA where you can't eat outside on November 3rd. It's too cold. But here in Bakersfield, today was a great day to sit outside and enjoy lunch. 

The place I went to pick up my lunch has three tables outside and I planned to eat there. But this restaurant has become really popular lately and all the tables were full. There is a park nearby, and that's where I went.

Other than some dude jogging, I had the park to myself. A sunny day. Great Food. The LA Times. I was in heaven. 

Then the bee showed up. 

I have never been stung by a bee. Mostly they leave me alone. I know bees are important to life on this planet, but I don't like them. But this bee, he liked me. 

He would not fly away, and every time he flew near me, I'd wave him away. 

As I was doing this I noticed a guy standing across the street from the park. Watching me. And I relized what I looked like: a weirdo with a long beard sporadically flipping out. 

You know how when you run into a spiderweb and you flail your arms about, but only you know there was a web, so everybody else sees you having some sort of fit? That's what I must've looked like to that dude across the street. 

Stupid bee. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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