Supervisors Vote Down Proposed Festival Venue

Local farmers Daniel and Phil Rudnick want to open a major music festival site on their land next to 1-5 at Seventh Standard Road. This proposed venue would be able to host a crowd of 65,000 people three days a year. 

Think Coachella or Stagecoach right here in our back yard. 

The project would bring in tens of millions of dollars in revenue. It would also put Bakersfield and Kern County on the major music festival map!

Tuesday, the Kern County Board of Supervisors voted down the proposed Cal Centre project. 

Most cited opposition from surrounding farmers. Concerns about traffic issues, pesticide oversprays from surrounding farmland, security concerns and costs. All valid worries. And most of the Board said while they support the idea of the project, they just don't support it at the proposed location. Which, by the way, the Rudnick's own. 

But I get the feeling that some of the opposition still has pictures of the original Woodstock festival in their mind. Visions of dirty hippies frolicking in their irrigation ditches. This also feels like Kern County's long time tendency to only embrace an idea if it doesn't look too differently from the past. To me this smacks of NIMBY - Not in my backyard. 

I for one think that the idea is tremendous. The pros vastly outweigh the cons. 

So if not there, where? 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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