The Hawk

This is our break/lunch room here at iHeartRadio Bakersfield...

It's a pretty chill place to take your break. Really cool when the weather is stormy because it's basically all glass. 

Take notice of the tree outside the window in the bottom photo. This morning I took a little break and shot a little pool. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a bird land in the tree, and I could tell it was a big bird.

I walked to the window, parted the blinds, and saw this...

We're right across the street from the Kern River, and we see lots of wildlife here, but I'd never seen a hawk in our tree before. I went back to my office to get my phone to take a photo thinking the hawk would be gone by the time I got back, but nope, he was still there. He had actually moved to a higher branch and I was able to get the shot above. 

What a trip! 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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