Ten Cool Places In Bakersfield No Longer Here

When I was a kid growing up, I couldn't wait to get out of Bakersfield. Now I find myself missing some of the cool places that are no longer here. There are a bunch, but here's ten of them. See if you remember...

  1. Union Avenue when it looked like the Las Vegas Strip. 
  2. The Bakersfield Sign when it was on Union Ave. 
  3. Bakersfield Bowling Academy on Golden State Highway.
  4. The miniature golf course on Mt. Vernon Avenue that had a mini White House. 
  5. The Jolly Roger Restaurant and Lounge in Valley Plaza (Before they put windows in the lounge)
  6. Green Valley Miniature Golf and Water Park on White Lane. 
  7. The South Chester, Terrace, Crest, 99, and Edison Drive In Theaters. 
  8. Freddies Skyway House at Meadows Field. 
  9. The Christmas parade when it went down Chester Avenue. 
  10. The GINORMOUS Rancho Bakersfield Signs in Westchester
Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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