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Really Distracted Driving

Police in New Zealand pulled over a driver this week because he was operating a vehicle while playing the bagpipes.

Cops say the spotted the man driving the car with no hands on the wheel because he was using them to play notes on the instrument. Officers were actually keeping a lookout for drivers using their cell phones, but they were stunned when they found the saw him. Police say it was clear he was playing the bagpipes. He was eventually let off with a warning. (Evening Standard)

Chump Asks For Trump

A Florida man didn't want to wait for a court appearance before trying to get a pardon -- so he paused during a high-speed police chase to call 911 in an attempt to reach President Trump.

Aric Frydberg was pulled over for a moving violation, and when the trooper approached the vehicle, he reported a strong smell of marijuana, which he asked about. Frydberg panicked, reached over to the center console and grabbed a baggie of weed, which he shoved into his mouth before speeding away.

As he was fleeing, the suspect dialed the emergency number requesting that the dispatcher put him through to Trump, saying "he's a close personal friend...we made a deal." When that failed, he tried to convince the operator that his mother's life was in danger after a car crash -- an attempt that also went up in smoke.

Frydberg was eventually convinced to pull off the road, where cops took him into custody. (WFTX)

Held Hostage By A Pig

A Florida woman is thanking cops for saving her bacon after she was trapped in her truck for hours by an angry pig.

Joanie Matthews pulled into her driveway on Tuesday and was immediately confronted by the 200 pound sow, who began snorting and charging at her vehicle. The animal even bit her when she tried to offer it some food.

Matthews tried to wait it out, but the pig was a stick-in-the-mud and wouldn't leave. She says "She was very bossy. I was sitting right here in my truck and she would come up and I would jump in the back seat and I was like, 'Go away pig!'

After the standoff went past sunset, she called 911. It took three deputies to wrangle the pig and remove it to the police department’s agricultural impound yard. (WBBH)

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