Football Can Save Thanksgiving!

Whenever ya get the fam together for Thanksgiving dinner, there’s always the risk that someone’s going to talk politics. DON'T! A new survey found that 36% of families are banning the topic of politics at Thanksgiving this year, up from 30% last year.

If someone at your dinner table tries to mess things up by talking politics, be prepared to redirect them with a question about football.

The Vikings are at the Lions for the first game, the Chargers are at the Cowboys for the second game and the third game has the Giants visiting the Redskins.

There’s stuff on the line in all these games, which means there’s plenty to talk about.

Be careful though… Even the NFL is politically charged these days. Do your best to stay away from talking about Colin Kaepernick and Papa John -- at least until after the holiday.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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