Thanksgiving Etiquette

I'm not just Radio's Mike Bell. I'm also a regionally known expert on etiquette! Being invited to Thanksgiving dinner is an honor. Don’t eff it up! 

Here’s a rundown of some important Thanksgiving etiquette rules that will make you look like a champ, not a chump:

  • Salt and Pepper - Pass the salt and pepper together. Always. Even if someone just asks for the salt. Or the pepper. Don't ask for another vodka. Or a puppy. Why would you ask for a puppy?!
  • Wait for the Signal - The meal begins only when the host or hostess unfolds and places the napkin on his or her lap. It's best you're not in their lap when this occurs. 
  • Do not eat your meal while sitting under the table. Be a grown-ass man, dammit! Especially if your a male. 
  • Cut Slowly - While you might be excited to grab your fork and knife and dig in, you’ve got to show some restraint. Cut only one piece at a time before eating it. And don't make nom nom noises when you do. Or turkey noises. 
  • Refill Other Glasses First - If there’s wine at the table and your glass is empty, refill the glasses of everyone around you before your own, even if those other glasses aren’t totally empty. Don't drink from the gravy boat. 
  • Wait to ask for seconds. Make sure there's enough to go around before you go back for more. Do not tackle your cousin before he gets to that extra helping of yams. Also refrain from passing gas as much as possible. 
Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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