Why Am I Facinated By This Video?

A big chunk of my day is wandering around on the internet trying to find stuff to share with you. And today I came upon this video. This guy builds mouse mazes and then shoots video of the mice going through the maze. 

Now keep in mind, this dude isn't a scientist, or animal researcher (at least not a professional one) He's just some Canadian dude with a LOT of woodworking equipment, a ton of peanut butter, and a buttload of time on his hands. He also apparently has a mouse and shrew infested basement. 

But once I started watching this video, I couldn't stop watching it. It's facinating to see the mouse try to go through progressivley smaller holes to get at the peanut butter. And the guy making the video is pretty creative with his sound effects, music, and commentary. 

So give this a look and see if it's as facinating to you as it was to me. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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