Who's Next For The Rock & Roll HOF?

With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announcing its Class of 2018 on yesterday, it's time once again to thrown out some of the names of those who should be inducted in the future...

New York's Daily News has compiled its list of 20:

Alice In Chains: "While Alice in Chains calls the Pacific Northwest home, they are louder and heavier than the bands they are frequently compared too. And looking at the lack of hard rock acts in the hall of fame, that clearly has hurt Alice in Chains' chances. As does the fact that lead singer Layne Staley's drug addiction limited the band to releasing only three records from 1990-2008."

Bjork: "The Iceland native has had 30 singles on worldwide Top 40 charts, three of which reached the top 10 in the UK."

Bad Company: "A supergroup whose music is still played on classic rock stations across the country... The band's first three efforts, Bad Company, Straight Shooter and Run With the Pack were Top 5 albums in the UK and U.S.

Blue Öyster Cult: "Four of their studio albums have at least 500,000 copies in the U.S. One of the band's two live albums -- Some Enchanted Evening -- is certified platinum. Not to mention, they are forever immortalized in pop culture because of Saturday Night Live."

Kate Bush: "Her first number-one single, 'Wuthering Heights,' which spent a month atop the UK chart, was the first ever one written and performed by a female... The singer-songwriter's name is attached to 25 other songs that have topped the UK charts."

The Cure: "The only thing sadder than Robert Smith's lyrics is The Cure still not being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... Smith paved the way for goth rock, influenced some of the biggest bands to come out of the 1990s and 2000s (The Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol) and is still the poster boy of sad music."

Depeche Mode: "The band has had 50 singles chart in the U.K. and 13 of their albums have hit the Top 10. Without Depeche Mode, electronic music may not exist in the form it does today."

Peter Frampton: "The Humble Pie guitarist and singer who made the talk box guitar effect cool became an international solo star with 1976's Frampton Comes Alive... It sold better than any album, live or studio, in 1976."

Iron Maiden: "Many modern hard rock and metal acts, like Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica, were heavily influenced by Maiden."

Judas Priest: "Like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest fits more in with the metal niche. They have sold more than 45 million records and many critics, like MTV, ranked them as one of the top metal acts ever."

King Crimson: "One of the first ever progressive rock bands, King Crimson lea to the sound that Rushand other acts made mainstream."

Motörhead: "Lemmy Kilmister's heavy band, which has sold more than 15 million albums, helped kill the new wave sound of the 1980s. Their signature sound also paved the way for speed metal and influenced numerous successful hard rock bands."

Nine Inch Nails: "Nine Inch Nails are pioneers of the electronic-rock sound that is now common. Add them to the list of influential '80s and '90s bands that have waited too long to have their day in Cleveland."

Pixies: "One of Kurt Cobain's favorite bands, the Massachusetts four-piece were monumental in the early alternative rock movement that helped bands like Weezer, The Strokes and Blur hit it big."

Radiohead: "One day Radiohead will be enshrined, but they are one of the last great rock bands and shouldn't have to wait. Their 'peers' (there's a strong argument that Radiohead is so good they don't even have any) Green Day, Pearl Jam and Nirvana all got in on their first year of eligibility."

Rage Against the Machine: "Is rap-rock so insufferable as a genre that the hall is taking it out on Rage Against the Machine? That's the only explanation as to why they're not in yet... They have heavily impacted politics and in their prime were one of the most explosive live acts around."

The Replacements: "Their albums never charted as well as other notable hall of fame snubs, but the influence Let i tBe and Tim had on rock music (along with the band's partying ways) are immeasurable."

Todd Rundgren: "Todd Rundgren penned some of the biggest hits of the 1970s and 1980s and is a heralded produced and engineer."

Sonic Youth: "Yet another band whose albums did not perform particularly well... A large reason alternative rock became mainstream on the East Coast."

Soundgarden: "You'd think this one would be a no-brainer, given the death of the late, great Chris Cornell. Nirvana and Pearl Jam get the glory but Soundgarden was the first band to hit it big outside of Seattle."

Who do YOU think should be the next round of inductees? 

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