Don't Drink And Drive. Period.

I get it. You're never as think as you sober are. What?! You get my point. Don't drink and drive. 

I don't go out on New Years anymore. Me and the missus like to be in our cozy little house, in our robes, on the couch when the New Year arrives. Truth be told, sometimes we're a couple of hours asleep by midnight. 

New Years Eve is amateur night. People that never go out - go out! And they usually overindulge and all kinds of wrong happens. 

So it's simple...if you drink, don't drive. I'm not saying if you go our don't drink. Just don't drive! Call the phone number above for a ride home, or get a sober buddy to come get you, or take an Uber, Lyft, or a taxi. Okay?

Thank you! 

 Please call 661-431-3854 and ask for the Bud Light Designated Driver to come safely get you home. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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