Oregonians Get To Pump Their Own Gas! And They Hate It!

Every January things voted on last November become laws. Every state does this. For instance recreational weed is now legal in California. You just can't buy it here in Bakersfield. Legal weed that is. You can still get the illegal stuff all over town I'm told. 

Up in Oregon, the voters voted to let people pump their own gas. Yep, up until New Years Day Oregonians still had service station attendants that came out to your car and pumped your gas for you. Just like the olden days. You were NOT allowed to pump your own gas prior to New Years Day. I'm not sure what the penalty would have been, but ya couldn't do it. 

You'd think this would be a great thing for the citizens of Oregon. Pumping your own gas saves you time. But nooooooo! Oregonians by the droves are losing their s**t about having to pump their own gas and they've taken to social media to vent! Here are just a few of the best comments...

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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