Smart Underwear For My Dumb Ass

Underwear with border line

I used to wear a FitBit. Now I have an Apple Watch. But I just may need to pull on a pair of smart undies! 

A company has developed smart underwear that can keep track of workouts just like your fitness tracker or smartwatch.

The underwear, called SKIIN, monitors sleep quality, heart rate, breathing rate, activity, steps, calories, among other things.

The skivvies, which come in boxers or briefs, feature a 24-hour battery that powers six sensors, which are sewn into the fabric and that connect to your phone.

Unfortunately, at $279 for four pairs, they’re not cheap.

Hey while I'm at it, I might as well have a smart toilet too...

A new $6,000 toilet was recently unveiled with some amazing abilities, including voice-activated flushing.

The Numi toilet from Kohler, which is classified as an “intelligent toilet,” also has a heated seat, speakers with wireless streaming capability, a foot warmer and a nightlight -- along with many other cutting edge features.

Sure $6,000 is a lot of money for a toilet, especially considering you can buy a really nice one at Home Depot for a couple hundred bucks. But … The toilet is something you use every day. It’s not like jet skis or golf clubs that sit unused in your garage unused all week. Might be worth the investment.

Think about how far we’ve come… It wasn’t that long ago that, even in this country, we were pooping in holes in the ground.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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