There's A TON Of Money Riding On The Big Game!

I like to gamble. I don't gamble a lot, but I do like the occasional road trip to Vegas to put some money down at the Sports Book. I love the book at Caesar's Palace. It's a palace. 

There is a lot of money riding on Super Bowl 52 -- the most ever, according to the American Gaming Association.

Americans are expected to bet $4.76 billion on the big game. Only three percent of those wagers will take place in Nevada, where sports betting is legal, which means that the rest of the betting will be done through offshore sportsbooks and local bet-takers, including the popular Super Bowl box pools.

The betting line in Las Vegas currently has the Patriots as four-and-half-point favorites over the Eagles. So far most of the money is on the Eagles.

Last year during the World Series, an unknown gambler made a huge bet and let the money ride through Game 6, when he finally cashed out and took $14 million in winnings.

Well, that guy is back in action for the Super Bowl and putting much of that money on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Of course, the Eagles are an underdog, so a winning $10 million bet would more than double that amount!

According to a new survey, Americans are spending more this year to celebrate the Super Bowl than ever before.

The average party will cost $207, with 35 percent of that money going toward food and non-alcoholic beverages and 28 percent being spent on booze.

The survey also found that nearly one-in-five Americans are planning to host a Super Bowl party. 

Me? I'll probably be Downtown at Bill Lee's watching in the bar and noshing on my wife's world famous deviled eggs! 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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