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Employers can expect Monday to be very unproductive as an estimated 14 million people are expected to call out "sick" with some sort of post-Super Bowl "illness."

A survey conducted by the Workforce Institute at Kronos and Mucinex found that 13.9 million workers expect to have a "bad cough" or "stomach virus" or "the flu" on Monday. The Executive Director of Kronos says, "We've been researching the Big Game's effect on the workforce for more than a decade and while numbers may fluctuate each year, one clear fact remains: #SuperSickMonday is often the biggest day in America for calling out of work."

The survey also found that 25 percent of people believe the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. 20 percent of Americans say they have used a sick day the Monday after the Super Bowl. A fever is the most common excuse given by employees, followed by a sore throat and a headache.


If you'll remember, before the NFC Championship Game, police in Philadelphia smeared poles around town with Crisco, in hopes of preventing fans from climbing them and -- of course -- hurting themselves or others.

Unfortunately for the cops, putting Crisco on the poles didn’t really stop Philly fans from climbing, so the poles will be Crisco-free for the Super Bowl.

The police are warning fans to stay off the poles, but recognize that keeping every single fan off every single pole is just too big of a challenge.


According to a new survey, 31 percent of men in America have a Super Bowl ritual. Here’s a rundown of the most popular of those rituals:

Hang out with the same friends for the game

Wear the same jersey or shirt

Sit in the same spot for every game

Grow a Super Bowl beard


Some number crunchers at figured out which Super Bowl snacks were most popular from state to state.

Not surprisingly, chips, popcorn and beer ranked very high. And, the most popular dip was guacamole.

But some states have weird tastes. For example, football fans in Arizona and Indiana will be reaching for Thin Mint cookies this Sunday. The good people of Hawaii will be serving oranges at their parties. Strangest of all might be North Dakota, where grapefruit is most popular

Me? I'll be having my wife's world famous deviled eggs at Bill Lee's for the first half, then a nice bourbon in the man cave for the second half. 

Enjoy the weekend. Go Eagles!

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