Stay Classy Philly!


I'm really glad the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Patriots in in the Super Bowl. But Eagles fans went a little nuts after the win.

Philadelphia Eagles fans set fires in the street, smashed store windows and toppled traffic lights -- and they won the game!

Immediately after the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win their first Super Bowl, their fans flooded the streets in the City of Brotherly Love and left a big mess to clean up today. Videos posted to social media show fans climbing light poles, pulling down traffic lights and collapsing the awning at the entrance to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. In one video, a crazed fan gets down on the street and eats horse poop. Philadelphia police estimate about 100,000 people were celebrating in the streets. It's not yet known how many arrests were made or if there were any reports of injuries. (New York Daily News)

Patriots country had some of its own problems. 12 people were taken to the hospital and six were arrested during a melee at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 2000 people had gathered outside after the game and fights broke out. Campus police had to use pepper spray to control the crowd. Most of the injured people suffered head injuries and lacerations

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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