Allergy Season Has Come Early For Me

I have allergies. I've had them my entire life. Dust, cats, sometimes grass. A couple of times a year I'm guaranteed a couple of weeks of sneezing and watery eyes. I'm in the middle of one of these bouts.  

And as a dude with these allergies, I picked a great place to call home. 

Not much I can do about the dust. And our air here doesn't help. Every Fall when they harvest the almonds, boom! Every Spring when the trees begin to flower, bingo! Some years it's not too bad. But this year has been a humdinger. Mostly because of our new kittten. Monkey

Monkey is a stray that my wife found behind her workplace. We call her Monkey because she runs around the house like a wild Spider Monkey. She's crazy, and I can't imagine her not being a part of our family. And usually after a couple of months I somehow quit sneezing when the cat is around. 

But not this time. 

And Monkey sleeps with us. Every night. Sometimes on top of my head. She's decided she's my cat and follows me around the house. 

I guess I'm gonna have to break down and get some sort of antihistamine to help. 'Cause the cat ain't going anywhere. I just don't like the fuzzy feeling I get. 

The other night I was having a really bad attack. I was at CVS buying tissues and vitamin C tablets (Just in case it was a cold) and a bottle of bourbon for a toddy. 

As I stood at the register sneezing my head off, out of the corner of my eye I saw the elderly couple in line behind me. WAY behind me. Like 25 feet behind me. I think they were afraid I had the flu. And that's understandable today. No way to tell them otherwise. 

Anybody got any suggestions? 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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