MLB Wants Faster Games. I Don't!

Major League Baseball is introducing some new rules to speed up baseball games. Here a couple of things they want to do to make the pace of play faster...

Mound visits: either by a manager, coach, catcher or infielder — will now be limited to six for each team each game. If a game goes to extra innings, teams will be allowed one more mound visit per inning. The visits do not include pitching changes.

Inning breaks and pitching changes: Inning breaks will be 20 seconds shorter, with the timer counting down from 2:05 for breaks in locally televised games, 2:25 in nationally televised games and 2:55 in tie-breaker and postseason games. With 25 seconds left, the umpire will signal the pitcher to complete his last warm-up pitch; at 20 seconds, the batter will be announced and the pitcher must complete his last warm-up pitch; when the clock hits 0 seconds, the pitcher must begin his motion for the first pitch. The timer starts on the last out of the previous inning.

Video replay review: All club video review rooms will be able to receive slow motion camera angles, and new phone lines will connect the rooms and dugouts. Communications will be monitored over those lines to prevent their use for sign-stealing.

See, here's the deal - I DON'T want baseball games to be shorter. If anything, I'd like them to be longer. Mostly because if I'm paying upwards of a couple of hundred dollars to attend a Dodger game I want my money's worth! I don't want to drive two hours to Dodger Stadium and only get to spend a couple of hours there before I have to come back. 

While football may be our national sportnow, baseball is our national pastime. Pastime is the operative word.  A baseball game is meant to be a leisurely affair. It's meant to be savored over the course of a spring afternoon or warm Summer night. An enjoyable way to pass time.

Half the fun of going to a Major League baseball game is watching everything else but the game. And then when you tire of people watching or napping in the sun or arguing politics/sports/movies with your friends, hey! there's a ballgame going on! 

And for me when the games are good they could go on forever.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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