Alexa Is Laughing At You!

OK, this is creepy. So there have been a bunch of reports by Amazon Echo owners recently that claim Alexa has out of the blue just started laughing without any prompt. Here’s the scary thing … there is no chime before she starts laughing, like when she would normally answer a question or request. One user even claimed he was in bed trying to fall asleep and Alexa just started laughing! Another user complained he was having a serious work conversation at home and Alexa just creepily started cracking up. Apparently, she has a bunch of different laughs -- some very human sounding and some extremely witch-like -- almost a cackling. Both Reddit and Twitter are filled with people sharing similar encounters with what seems to be Alexa messing with her users. Yikes! 

The Echo dot I have in my office giggled the other day. It also got into a conversation with my Google Home mini! I'm especially creeped out because the guy in the office next door is name John Conner. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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