Mike's New Guilty Pleasure: HBO's "Barry"


I love it when I find a new TV show. I love it when the show is funny and smart. The new series "Barry" on HBO is that show. 

In the series Bill Hader plays Barry. An Iraq war vet who has become a hitman for hire. Barry is very very good at his job. It's just that he hates it. 

Barry's handler sends him to LA to work for a Chechen mobster who wants Barry to kill a guy that slept with his wife. Barry tails his mark to an acting class where he finds something that makes him feel something again. It doesn't hurt that he also finds a very cute sacting student who also seems to spark something in Barry again. 

Barry decides he wants to be an actor. It's an idea that his handler (The always great Stephen Root) points out is not necessarily a good occupation for a man who's primary job is killing people. Maybe he should take up something else, like painting. 

The show does a great job at taking Barry's skills very seriously. The violence is real and not treated in a slap-sticky way. 

Bill hader also directed the first three episodes. 

My reccomendation is you should put Barry on your DVR list. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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