Weird News And How Rednecks Get Away From The Cops


A McDonald's customer in Oregon went berserk and landed in jail after workers told him he could not have it his way.

Police say 37-year-old Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton walked up to the counter and ordered 30 double cheeseburgers. Workers refused to fill his order and that's when he went crazy. The police report states that Fulton "destroyed a banner and attempted to destroy their golden arches." It's not clear how he tried to destroy the iconic arches. He also allegedly grabbed an employee by the shirt collar and only let go when another customer pulled out a gun. Fulton was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, harassment and criminal trespass. 

A Florida woman's car had about 200 horses under the hood...and one opossum.Christina Roberts brought her vehicle into an auto shop after believing there was something odd with the engine because it was making a growling noise. Mechanics popped the hood and discovered the source of the growling noise -- a live opossum. The furry marsupial had somehow climbed under the hood and got stuck. Its tail was actually sticking out through the front grill. Workers called animal control and an officer pulled out the animal safely. It was dehydrated and frightened but otherwise alright. It's believed the animal spent about three days stuck under the hood.

A drugged-up New York woman tried to order a fast food breakfast sandwich and ended up in handcuffs. 44-year old Lizabeth Ildefonso pulled up to a window and ordered a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. But what she thought was a drive-thru window was actually the security booth at the county correctional facility. The guard inside the booth informed her that she was at the wrong place, but she insisted that she really wanted the sandwich. The guard then noticed her pupils were dilated and she had a white powder on her nose. She was given a field sobriety test, which she failed, and placed under arrest for DWI. A background check also revealed that she was driving without a valid license. 

And finally...

A Florida man was arrested after he stole a car, threw a bicycle at an officer and then tried to out-swim police. The unidentified suspect is hospitalized and in police custody following his shenanigans. Police say the man tried to steal a car and then took off running when cops arrived. While on the run, he picked up a bicycle and threw it at a deputy. He then jumped into a lake and tried to hide from police helicopters, but he was spotted and pulled out of the water onto a boat. Officers handcuffed him and then he jumped back into the lake and tried to get away, but he was pulled out of the water again. He was taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

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