Calm Energy And You!


This is a pretty amazing video. I'm not sure I could do what this guy does. But now that I think about it, I sort of have already. 

I was in a convenience store one Sunday right after watching the Seahawks narrowly beat this other team. I went to the store for some snacks, and I was wearing my Seahawks jersey. 

In line ahead of me was a fan of the team the Seahawks had just played. He was drunk, and he focused his attention on me. He was trying to goad me into fighting him. I wouldn't take the bait. I told him, " Man, I thought you guys had that game. Your guys are some tough m*********ers!" 

He calmed down. He looked confused. He looked around as if I was talking to someone else. And then, like the elephant in the video, he just walked away. 

Of course, he wasn't as big as thae bull elephant in the video. But still you get the idea. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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