Las Vegas Golden Knights Not Fans Of Opposing Fans!

Hard to believe it's almost time for the NHL playoffs! And the team with the weirdest name in hockey -- The Las Vegas Golden Knights -- have had a spectacular season. 

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are, arguably, the greatest first-year expansion team in the history of professional sports. They are headed to the Stanley Cup Playoffs in their very first season as a franchise.

But, they have kind of a problem …

While they've been selling out their games all season, many of the fans in the stands have been cheering on the opposing team. This makes sense, of course, because they're in Las Vegas -- a destination city.

In hopes of changing the atmosphere for the playoff run and stopping opposing team's fans from flooding the stands, the Golden Knights have a new rule in place making it difficult -- and expensive -- for season-ticket holders to resell their playoff tickets on StubHub.

With the playoffs starting in the next week or so, we will soon see if this strategy works -- and if the team can actually keep visitors out of the arena.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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