Shout "Dilly Dilly" At The Masters, Get Thrown Out!

I call it the "Happy Gilmore Effect" -- the habit of some spectators at golf tourneys to yell stuff out after an epic drive or putt. They'll yell out "Baba Booey!" or "Get in the hole!" 

Lately they've been shouting "Dilly Dilly!" after the current catchphrase for Bud Light. 

Well the powers that be at The Masters Tournament, which starts Thursday, are not having it. They've issued a warning to all Masters spectators - yell out "Dilly Dilly!" and you'll be escorted out of the tourney. In other words thrown out on your can. 

Upon hearing this, the folks at Bud Light responded in the most epic way possible...

They sent 1000 Dilly Dilly t-shirts to Georgia along with a royal proclamation from King John Barley IV. 

"If thou cannot say Dilly Dilly, thou can still wear Dilly Dilly. 

To which we here at The Road Show can only respond, 

Dilly Dilly! 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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