I'm An Adult Now.

I read the weather report for tomorrow and was immediately disappointed. Showers. All day. I know we need the rain, but I was looking forward to doing some "adulting" tomorrow. I was going to work in my back yard - pulling weeds, trimming trees etc. You know, adult stuff. Adulting. 

"Adulting" is when you do things that adults do. You think this would be a natural thing, but in my case, no. I've spent my adult life feeling like I was just prestending to be an adult. Most of the time I've never felt any older than maybe 16. 

I had always figured that one day I'd get a memo to show up for a meeting where how to be an adult would be explained to me. But that memo and meeting never came, so I continued to pretend to be an adult and hope that the actual adults around me wouldn't catch on. 

Luckily radio is the perfect profesion for a guy like me. They only expect a teensy bit of adulting. 

And then one day I had a conversation with an "adult" friend of mine during which he admitted that he was the same way, sort of making up this adult stuff as he went along. He told me there were others like us. many many others. Some in positions of great importance. 

We'd all been waiting for the Adulting Meeting that never came. And then one day I realized I had spent a couple of weeks unconsiously adulting. I had thought about it once. I just did the adult things naturally. 

I had become an adult. Late in life, sure. But an adult nonetheless. 

I think that back when our life expectancy was shorter, you figured out the adulting thing fairly quick. You had too in order to not be eaten by wild animals and such. 

The ironic thing is now that I feel like an adult, I really don't care if I act like an adult. 

Here, this pretty much sums it up...

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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