It Pays To Keep Your Car Clean

If you need a good reason to clean out your car or truck, this is it.

Jason Jacobs of Independence, Missouri, was cleaning out his truck and found a Powerball lottery ticket worth $50,000.

He purchased the ticket ahead of the January 24th drawing and tossed it into the center console of his truck -- where it stayed for more than two months. He took the ticket to a store and the scanner read, "Claim at Lottery office," so he knew it must have been a large prize. His only concern was that he may have missed his opportunity to claim the prize.

Luckily for him, he hadn't yet run out of time and the lottery office told him it was worth $50,000. Jason says he'll put the money into a college fund for his baby and maybe a family vacation.

The center console of my car is the final resting place of every receipt of every purchase I make. Especially the really long ones from CVS. After a couple of months I end up tossing them all out. Right through the shredder. At best I might find a 20% shampoo coupon. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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