Take A Hike!

This is a photo of my wife and I last Spring at the California Poppy Preserve near Lancaster. This was also before I started my diet, so I'm about 45 pounds heavier in this pic than I am now. 

We're hoping to get down to the Preserve again this weekend. There aren't as many poppies this year, but I'm still looking forward to hiking the trails of the Preserve because I AM 45 pounds lighter this year and I won't be huffing and pufffing up the hills. 

In this part of California, we really have a short window of opportunity weather wise when it comes to hiking. Wait a couple of weeks too long and the temperatures are hovering in the triple digits. 

But this weekend should be rockin' even without the poppies. It's just good to get out and take a hike. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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