Foo Fighters Show Stolen By Kiss Guy

Foo Fighters kicked off their 2018 U.S. Tour in usual FF style in Austin, Texas last night, by inviting a guy in full on Gene Simmons KISS makeup onstage to play guitar on Monkeywrench. And the dude absolutely stole the show! Dave asked the guy his name, but dude was so stoked to be onstage with the Foos that Dave just ended up calling him KISS Guy for the rest of the song. He's so good that Dave forgets the words to the song! Watch out - language NSFW, unless you work here at The Fox!


KISS Guy turns out to be a dude named Yayo Sanchez, and he's pretty well known in the Austin music scene. He's also pretty well known by some pretty well known musicians like Slash, Billy Gibbons, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Paul Stanley, Roger Taylor, and Roger Daltrey who have all played with Yayo.

So while this isn't some incredibly talented amatuer, it's still pretty cool to see someone plucked from the crowd and given a shot at out rocking a rocker on his own song! 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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