The Astounding 8 Year Old Mini Bruce Lee

Ryusei 'Ryuji' Imai is an astounding eight year old from Japan. He loves martial arts and Bruce Lee. In fact everybody knows him as 'The Mini Bruce Lee' and he practices with his nunchuks religiously. This video was shot the day before his 8th birthday, and Ryusei perfectly matches Bruce Lee's moves in this scene from 'Enter The Dragon' from 1973!


His father say his son trains for 90 minutes everyday before school, and then when he comes home, he runs a mile and then spends two hours practicing kicking and nunchuk training.

 Ryusei has been watching Bruce Lee movies since he was one, and has been training to be like him since he was four. 

Seriously, this little kid can probably kick your ass! 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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