Cheech & Chong Are Moving On From Pot

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, stoner comedians Cheech & Chong announced they are moving on from pot humor. The comedians said that what with weed being legalized, and people like former Speaker Of The House John Boehner jumping on the pot bandwagon, it's time to move on to more edgy and rebellious things to make fun of...


I interviewed Tommy Chong a few years ago on The Fox. A good part of the interview consisted of shout outs to the counselors and corrections officers at the Taft Correctional Facility. That's where Tommy served his sentance in 2003 - 2004 for selling bongs on-line. His cellmate was Jordon Belfor, the dude "The Wolf Of Wall Street" was about. They're still friends to this day. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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