Bob Dorough Creator Of 'Schoolhouse Rock' Dies At 94.

Bob Dorough, the creator of 'Schoolhouse Rock' passed away at age 94. Schoolhouse Rock was my favorite thing about saturday mornings. It was like school, except it was fun! From "Conjunction, Junction," to "I'm Just a Bill," Dorough's tunes taught me more than I ever gleaned in school.


Conjunction Junction is probably my favorite! 


Jack Sheldon sang a majority of the Schoolhouse Rock videos. During the 1980s, you could catch Jack playing with his jazz band at The Money Tree lounge in Studio City. 

A lot of people really love 3 Is A Magic Number. This was the first Schoolhouse Rock song, andit's sung by Mr. Dorough himself! 


Kids today will never know how much fun Saturday morning TV used to be. 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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