Arizona Man Finds Nightmare Bug In His House

It's spider season everybody. I hope you don't have one like this dude. An Arizona man found this nightmare of a bug hanging around a window in his house. It looks like a creepy cross between a spider and a scorpion and an alien!


It's actually a Camel Spider. In fact, the bug is considered a cousin of both spiders and scorpions, since it has some of the characteristics of each insects, including a ominous-looking set of pinchers and a nightmare mandible. Yikes! 

Camel spiders are harmless to humans and other larger animals. But keep kitty or Tinkle the chihuaua away. 

Seriously, how would you feel coming across this beasty? I didn't even know Arizona had camel spiders. I know a few dudes that spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they saw these suckers all the time and it was scary AF. And this is coming from guys that had fully automatic weapons and explosives! 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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