Your Odds Of Being Attacked By A Shark AND A Bear

Last week, one of the biggest news stories swirling out there was about 20-year-old Dylan McWilliams, who was attacked by a shark, just one year after being attacked by a bear.

Both animal attacks, of course, are very rare, so astrophysicist Ethan Siegel put his big brain to work to figure out just how lucky -- or unlucky -- Dylan was.

The odds of Dylan being bitten by a shark while surfing in Hawaii were 1-in-200,000.

And, considering how much time Dylan was hanging out in the woods of Yellowstone National Park, his odds of a bear attack were quite a bit higher -- 1-in-2,600.

So, the total odds that Dylan would have both things happen to him were around 1-in-500,000,000, which is close to the same odds of winning the Powerball.

You could argue that the odds should actually be higher because he SURVIVED both attacks. (Forbes)

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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