Neil Young & Crazy Horse Recap

Hey hey, my my! Rock & Roll will never die! And that was pretty much proven last night on the stage of The Fox Theater when Neil Young & Crazy Horse tore up the stage for over two hours. We were lucky to score some pretty amazing seats, just five rows back from the pit. I'm ashamed to say that I've never seen Neil Young perform before. From Buffalo Springfield, all the way through the Crosby Stills Nash & Young days, and the many variations of Crazy Horse - nope, never saw him. But I have been a huge fan for decades and I wasn't about to miss out this time around. 

The opening act was Jonathan Richman. I've also wanted to see Jonathan Richman for years. He's a little quirky these days, but if you ever heard him as part of Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, or saw him as the "Greek Chorus" in "There's Something About Mary" you know what an intriguing and entertaining performer he is. And he had the crowd with him from his first words onstage. 

I knew these shows were going to bring in a lot of people from out of town. A lot. Little did I know that a really famous person from out of town would be sitting in the row immediately behind me. 

That's my wife with NBA great, and Neil Young superfan Bill Walton! He couldn't have been nicer. Although I feel really bad for whoever sat behind him. 6' 11" Bill Walton stood through most of the show. 

Before the tour (can you call five performances in two cities a tour?) Neil Young said that these shows were unrehearsed and there wouldn't be any new music. Just the classic Neil Young & Crazy Horse songs. And every night they changed the setlist a little bit.A lot of NY fans made to every show on the tour and I'm seeing that last night's show in Bakersfield may have been the most epic of all. 

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Setlist For Bakersfield May 6th

Love To Burn  

Mansion On The Hill 

Country Home  

Don't Cry No Tears 


The Losing End  

Speakin' Out  

World On A String  

Scattered (Let's Think About Livin') 

F*!#in' Up  

Too Far Gone  

Only Love Can Break Your Heart  

Cinnamon Girl  

Cortez The Killer  

Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) 

Roll Another Number 

Down By The River

And yeah, they did perform the song I'd hoped they would - Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) from 'Rust Never Sleeps'. I gotta tell ya I got a tingle in my spine when I heard that signature distorted guitar sound. 

Here's what it looked like pretty much from my seat. 


Video shot by Veronica Renaker from about two rows in front of me. 

And they ended the night with an epic rendition of 'Down By The River' which is a big time Bakersfield favorite!


Man, ya gotta get out and see all the live music you can, while you can. I will remember this night for ever.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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