Vegas Golden Knights Could Make Some Very Rich

Despite being an expansion team playing their first season ever, the Las Vegas Golden Knights are in the finals and are just four wins away from being world champs and holding up the Stanley Cup.

When the season started, nobody thought this was possible.

Actually, scratch that …

When the season started, there were a bunch of people who thought the Golden Knights would win the Stanley Cup -- and actually laid down bets.

The odds were so ridiculous that even small bets will be big payouts if the Golden Knights finish this thing off.

For example, one gambler made a $200 bet that will pay $40,000 with a Golden Knights victory.

Another, who got 500-1 odds, made a $50 bet that will pay $25,000.

While there weren't that many bets on the expansion team, industry insiders say the sportsbooks could be exposed to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars -- all because of this Cinderella story.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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