The Best Rock Performance This Year Is From A Country Guy

I love good old guitar driven rock & roll. I wouldn't be working at 98.5 The Fox if I didn't. My niche is pretty much the way most rock bands sounded from about 1969 through the early 80s. I love Southern Rock, and I love Eric Clapton. The thing is, there aren't a lot of bands making new music in that vein anymore. It's ironic that guitar rock's great saviour might just be a dude most indetify as country. Srugill Simpson. Check out Simpson's blistering version of his song "Brace For Impact" at Bonnaroo.


Not very many country guys end their songs with a scorched Earth 8 minute plus guitar solo. But you can't really put a label on Simpson. He may sound like Waylon Jennings when he sings, and he can pick a Bakersfield sound country song with the best of them. But that performance above wouldn't have been out of place at Cal Jam or at the Filmore. 

Rock on Sturgill, rock on! 

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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