A KISS Reunion Update!

With Paul Stanley helping Ace Frehley on his last album; Ace touring with Gene Simmons and helping him with his Vault events (with Peter Crissand Vinnie Vincent doing the same), Gene working with Ace on Ace's next album, and Ace being part of this year's KISS Kruise, it's no secret that this is all leading to one final reunion. 

(left to right) Members of the rock band KISS, Gene Simmons,Ace Frehley, and Paul Stanley as the ban

Gene says this has been discussed, but no details have been worked out -- or at least any that he wants to make public at this time.

He tells Finland's Imperiumi, "The problem is, if you bring out a special guest, they come on without makeup? I don't know. We haven't gotten that far… You can't put on the makeup. You've been out of the band 20 years -- it's not gonna happen. It's a difficult question, because if we did bring out anybody that was in the band, they can't put on the makeup."

KISS have rarely been joined by guests over their 45-year career. Joe Perry was one of the few exceptions when KISS and Aerosmith toured together in 2003.

KISS perform in Cordoba, Spain tonight

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